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The Natural Way

Each of us has a true set of colours that naturally enhance and compliments our eye colour and skin tone making us look younger, healthier and more vibrant.

These colours are akin to the four seasons, and within your season there will be one or two 'wow' colours that make you absolutely shine. 

We could all do with a little help sometimes to make us look and feel good. Once your colours are analysed not only will you find it easier to dress and co-ordinate your wardrobe but you will also save money by avoiding expensive purchasing mistakes.

Do you wish to receive more compliments? Have this lift up your day? Everyday?

A personal
Your True Colours analysis session is easy to book, fun to experience, and will bring untold pleasure to your future shopping trips. Anita can also help revive your tired wardrobe with a wardrobe sort and accompany you as your personal shopper if required.

Another way to enhance your look simply and economically is by purchasing a hand crocheted
Your True Colours scarf; unique colourful scarves that dress up any outfit quickly and elegantly, leaving you feeling fabulously chic.

And if you really want to get into colours more deeply, Anita uses Colour Mirror Healing to balance and harmonise stress, strain and trauma.
This life transforming therapy has the power of opening the path to the authentic person that you naturally are. 

Anita K. Young is delighted
to be of assistance in your desire to be a new colourful you. Your True Colour service is the first step in a new beginning.
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